Water Fountain 4 Filters with 4 Sponges

Sale price$7.99


• Compatible: This cat water fountain filter is compatible with a variety of cat fountains, the specific compatible fountain style, please check the product image list, before buying please confirm whether it is compatible with your cat fountain to avoid purchasing errors.

• Value Package: The package contains 4 cat fountain replacement filters and 4 pre-filter sponges.

• Filter: The cat fountain filter helps purify the water and eliminate bad odors, while the pre-filter sponges blocks out any hair, dust or food debris.

• Material: Made of eco-friendly materials, the pet water fountain filters help ensure the water quality and provide healthy and pure water to protect your pet’s health.

• Clean: Before use, soak and flush the cat water fountain filter with clean water, clean the filter every time you change the water of the cat fountain, and change the cat drinking fountain filter every 2-4 weeks.

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