Universal Wire Organizer Clip (2 Pack)

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[Power Cable Organizer] Cable organizer the sticky base area is larger than other ordinary appliance cord organizer, which can perfectly fit the curved surface of the appliance.

[Wire Organizer] The appliance cord organizer saves you from worrying about messy cords for small kitchen appliances. All your kitchen equipment wires will be in order.

[Cord Holder] Easy to install and before applying them to your device, clean and dry the surface to remove any grease or anything that might prevent it from sticking long-term, and wait at least 12 hours before using.

[Cord Organizer for Appliances] Easy to Use and easily stick it to the appliances, keeping all the power cords neat and easy to access. It is firmly attached by self-adhesive, and detachable without leaving residues.

[Cord Holder for Car] The kitchen appliance cord holder is compatible with most small kitchen appliance cords. The cord holder can be used anywhere you need to store electrical wires, such as offices, bedrooms, classrooms, kitchen etc.

Color: White or Black ( Will be selected randomly)
Weight: 1.5oz
Number of Items: 2 Product

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