Cosmetic Travel Containers (4 Pack)

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-High quality: Travel bottles are made of AS material, and accessories are made of pp material. Lightweight, with super pressure resistance, will not hurt the human body, is your ideal assistant for travel!
-Multifunctional design: The refillable cosmetic containers features four different styles of travel bottles - duckbill lotion bottle, regular spray bottle, flat lotion bottle, and flat spray bottle. You can choose different functional bottles according to your different requirements to help you apply your cosmetics more easily.
-Vacuum plug design: Mini spray bottle have a vacuum plug design inside, which keeps the filled liquid fresh for a long time and allows for a smoother discharge. During use, the vacuum plug will also slowly move upward as the liquid decreases, avoiding waste.
Easy to distinguish: Travel size bottles have a clear bottle design that allows you to see the contents at a glance. And each airless pump bottle kit comes with bottle Waterproof stickers, allowing you to effectively label your cosmetic bottles so you can quickly and easily identify their contents.
-Easy to use: Travel bottles have a large diameter spout and come packaged with two small funnels. This makes it easier for you to fill the bottles with the desired amount of liquid and reduce spillage.

Size: 1.41 inch (diameter) x 2.75 inch (height)
Color: White & Transparent

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