Touch Screen Mist Cleaner

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Product Highlights: One spray and one wipe, lipstick size, easy to carry, easy to put in the bag, the microfiber cloth is soft and does not damage the screen, can be used repeatedly, and can be dried after washing.

Function: Clean and clean touch screen, scope of use: currently used for mobile phone/tablet/laptop/monitor/TV screen

Refillable liquid: Internal contain 0.35 ounces of cleaning fluid, used up can also fill pure water, alcohol, disinfectants and other liquids
How to use: 1. Spray the cleaner nozzle on the screen at a distance 3.9 inches (10 cm) on the screen.. 2. Gently wipe the microfiber cloth on the bottle to remove stains. Dab the stain on the bottle with a microfiber cloth. 3. Clean as new after wiping.

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