Thermal Paper Correction Fluid + Extra Liquid Bottle

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This Thermal Paper Correction Fluid with Unboxing Knife provides the fastest & most effective way to quickly remove information on packing slips & labels, receipts & much more.

• Easily clears & wipes out all details in one wipe; wipe gently & get rid of data that is no longer relevant.
• Lightweight & long-lasting. One bottle can be used & applied more than 100+ times.
• Capacity: 10ML.

Size: 3cm x 3cm x 8.5cm 
Weight: 1 oz

Thermal Paper Correction Fluid with Unboxing Knife: 1 Product
Liquid Refill Bottle: 1 Product
Lanyard: 1 Product

*This product only works on UNCOATED Shipping Labels

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