Press Type Ice Cube Maker

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Approved Food-Grade Materials: The ice cube tray is made of food grade PC + TPE, 100% BPA free, green and safe for adults and children. Strong, durable, not easy to break and can be reused for many years.
Easy to Release: Just put your hand on the silicone ice cube tray and press it gently, it only takes 1 second for all the ice cubes to fall into the ice box, and there is a small push point design at the bottom of the tray, which accelerates the separation of the ice cubes.

Large Capacity & Easy to Use: The ice cube tray with lid comes with an ice box, which is large enough for a day's needs. And the edges of the ice cube trays for freezer are slightly raised so that water won't spill. The process of making ice cubes is very convenient, simple and healing, and making ice cubes with your family and kids is a great pleasure.

Enjoy Ice Cube DIY Fun: The small ice cube trays can control the temperature very well. You can add your favorite fruit, food, or various fruit drinks to the ice tray to make ice cubes. Pour them into a variety of cocktails, whiskey, coffee, coke, beverages, and more. Brings you cool pleasure all year round.

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