Dog & Cat Nail Clipper with LED Light

Color: RED
Sale price$10.99


• High-bright LED, Safe and Convenient: Built-in high-brightness LED on trimmer end, can illuminate the nail, see its internal part of the blood body, to prevent be cuts.

• Extra-thick Stainless Steel, Sharp and Durable: 2mm thick stainless steel blade, knife edge sharp, whether new or aging nail, can be easily cut. Stainless steel knife body, can receive a variety of cleaning methods, durable and maintenance-free

• High Transparent Anti-splash Cover: When trimming nails, nail fragments will splash everywhere, it is difficult to collect and clean. Our high-transparency splash shield stops debris splashing and facilitates cleaning

• Accessories : 3 Batteries, 1 File: Our packaging is accompanied by 3 batteries, normal pruning for 1 pet, can reach 2 years without changing the battery. Built-in file for grinding after nail removal

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