Food Fresh-Keeping Sealer

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Food Fresh-Keeping Sealer: Press-type food preservation sealing clip, high-quality ABS material, strong and durable. Not easy to loosen after sealing. Also available in different colors. Suitable for home use.

Press The Spring Sealing Clip: Just squeeze the clips then grip them onto any food bags for rapid use, locking and sealing with ease unlike cumbersome clips and twist ties, no need many steps.

Safety: Tightly sealing the bag and longer preserving the foods. No more bugs can eat my food! Food Fresh-Keeping Sealer the bag and longer preserving the foods. Fit for most of the slim bag, specially good for those very thin and flimsy bags like bread bags, sandwich and salad bags.

Size: It's convenient to carry cute food clips in clothes pockets with appropriate 2.4 x 0.7 inches (6.2 x 1.7cm) size and light weight.

Versatile: storage bag clips are great for keeping kinds of foods fresh, such as bread, bagel, rice, nuts, beans, dried fruit, frozen foods, kitchen chips and more.

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