Double-Layer Soda Rolling Can Organizer for Refrigerator

Sale price$15.99


Upgrade Large Size: The width of our soda can organizer is increased, which is suitable for more specifications of beverages and cans on the market.

Double-Layer: The can organizer has 2 layer which you can put 3-tier drinks cans,which will meet your needs Automatic Rolling: Specially designed slopes help drinks slide automatically. When you take out the cans from the lower layer, the upper cans will automatically roll off to replenish.

Save Space: The 2 layer will be maximize space savings while keep your refrigerator, freezer or pantry neatly organized

Widely Used: The Upgrade Double-Layer Soda Can Organizer will be perfect for refrigerator or dining room, office, etc. It can hold soda can, beer, drinks can or eggs holder.

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