Cat Tunnel Bed

Color: Dark Grey
Sale price$31.99


• MUTI-PURPOSE: cat tunnel bed is both a cat tunnel toy and a cat bed. The top of the product is designed as a cat's nest where the cat can sleep. The product itself is a tunnel structure where cats and small pets can play and hide. This brings more fun to the cat.
• VENTILATED WINDOW: cat tunnel accepted the customer's suggestion, and we modified our product by adding a breathable window for interacting with pets, so that the air circulation in the tunnel is better, thus the cat can play safely and comfortably.
• HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: cat cave are made of high-quality felt, which has the characteristics of high strength, wear resistance, scratch resistance and not easy to deform. It's also very easy to clean. You can wash it in water directly.
• DETACHABLE DESIGN: The cat tunnel is made of two parts assembled by zipper. Installation and removal are very simple. When it's taken apart, it's two separate cat beds. If it is not in use you can stack two parts together, and it will not take up much space.
• FOR ALL CAT SIZE: In order to make the cat tunnel fun for all cats, we designed two sizes of cat tunnel, one is 20 inches and the other is 24 inches. The 20 inches one is good for cats under 9 lbs, and the 24 inches one is good for cats under 22 lbs. SHIRASE

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