Car Retractable Curtain with UV Protection

Sale price$9.99


【Car Retractable Curtain with UV Protection】Our Car Retractable Curtain blocks UV rays and solar heat, protects the interior of your car from the sun, lowers the interior temperature, and keeps the interior cool!
【Convenient Retractable Design】Say goodbye to bulky sun shades! Our innovative retractable windshield sun shade rolls up and down easily, allowing you to adjust the coverage and enjoy easy installation, fold it up and store it anywhere in your car.
【Really Useful Materials】Our Car Retractable Curtain is made of high quality reflective aluminum film and high density fabric with an accordion folded look that greatly enhances UV reflection and insulation. You can enjoy comfortable driving even in hot summer!
【Upgraded Suction Cup】Larger contact area with the glass surface, the suction cup can bear up to 20kg, can be locked by the snap to ensure a tight fit and not easy to fall off, providing excellent sun protection for your car! Note: Before installation, please heat the suction cup with hot water to restore its original shape (because the suction cup may be deformed due to extrusion during transportation, resulting in poor suction).

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