Bug Zapper Indoor Insect Trap

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A multifunctional trap perfect for indoor or outdoor settings. 22 LED lights attract bugs then suctioned through a 3-level fan. After, the electrical grid will zap it. A hanging ring is included.

• Quiet Suction Mode: Use bug zapper indoors in bedrooms, kitchens, offices & other rooms. The mute mode will not affect your daily life. Insect killers can also be used outdoors as corridors, balconies, terraces & campsites. Mosquito zapper should be used in the dark to achieve the best results.
• Bug-Free: Small moths, flies, mosquitoes, leafhoppers & planthoppers all like lighting, especially the smaller midges & black flies, which have strong phototaxis & are easily attracted. Not all bugs can be attracted.
• Eye Protection Design: 22 LED lights shoot from top to bottom. Purple material is used to refract light to produce a halo to attract mosquitoes. The halo is soft & will not direct the light into the eyes, & will not cause damage or strong irritation to the eyes.

Size: 10.82" x 4.53" x 4.53"
Weight: 15 oz
Material: Plastic

Bug Zapper: 1 Product
USB Cable: Included

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