Collapsible Traffic Safety Cone with LED Light 28 Inch

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HIGHLY VISIBLE: The Bright orange safety color and a 360-degree reflective strip make the traffic cones visible from a long distance during day or night. There are 2 traffic safety LED lights with 3 lighting modes to meet your various needs at night.

EASILY STORED: One of the best things about this set of collapsible traffic cones is that they collapse down to 2.4" in height for easily, making storage very easy. When your function, road situation, driving lesson, parking lots, or sports training exercise is complete, simply stack them up and there is a storage bag inside, which is convenient for you to carry the collapsible traffic cone.

STABLE: The large base size of Multi purpose pop-up cones is 11.4" X11.4" and the weight of each road cone is 1.48lb, meaning that they'll stay put exactly where they need to be. Whether you're trying to control driveway traffic or keep footfall in order at a festive event, you can rely on these collapsible traffic cones.

28 INCH SAFETY CONES: These road cones can collapse up to 28 inches tall, making them a suitable barrier for a number of settings. They can be used outdoors as a traffic barrier, or indoors for a sport training activity. Plus, being tall, fluorescent, and reflective means people are unlikely to miss them.

DURABLE PVC: We construct every tall traffic cone in this two-piece set from orange oxford fabric, durable PVC. This material is a very strong type of plastic that can withstand even the weight of a car driving over it.


Color: Orange
Material: PP
Number of Items: 1
Size: 28 inch in height

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